Aluminum has an incredible strength to weight ratio. We use it in almost everything. Airplanes are made from it. Beer and soda cans are aluminum. Most modern bike frames are aluminum, not only is it light and strong, but it’s firm. Do you know what shouldn’t be made from aluminum? The wiring in your house. For about ten years, the mid-sixties to early-seventies, aluminum was extensively used in the electrical wiring of homes. Because it’s highly conductive and light weight, it’s still used instead of copper in long distance powerlines.

Aluminum tends to break when its stretched and bent. Wires in a home tend to stretch and bend. This makes it more susceptible to certain kinds of corrosion. By nature, it also oxidizes more easily than copper. All this oxidation and deterioration creates connectivity issues which ultimately introduces fire hazards.

If aluminum wiring if found in a home, the recommendation is usually to replace it. However, this can at times be cost prohibitive. A qualified electrician can recommend alternatives, however, these may ultimately may not be as effective or safe as the paying to replace it.

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