Got a boring roof? Need more light? Want some fresh air? Have some extra cash just lying around? How about an eyebrow dormer! Eyebrow dormers are protrusions in the roof with a window. Primarily aesthetic, they provide a design option for bringing more light into an area while breaking up the straight lines of a roof.

Functionally, they bring in light, and optionally can allow for airflow if the windows open. As they do lend themselves to a certain understated elegance, they can increase the value of a home. Because of their unique shape, they can be rather expensive to retrofit or incorporate into new construction. The unusual angles and curves mean you are going to want an experienced carpenter to build them. Often, they shingle these separately. Because of all these factors, beware of leaking and water intrusion which can lead to mold damage. Although uniquely elegant, an alternative might be a skylight.

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