Have you ever been in a cold bathroom? The counter is cold, the toilet seat is cold… the floor is cold! Carpet would be a simple solution to avoiding cold feet in the bathroom. It would also minimize any slip hazards in the bathroom.

But carpet introduces many hazards into this tiny space. Because there is so much water in the bathroom moisture problems are always a concern. Because carpets and carpet pads absorb and hold moisture, they increase the likelihood of moisture related problems in the bathroom. Since problems start under the carpet, the dangers can be masked until significant damage is caused.

Water can get on the carpet from steam, splashing, watersheds, drips, and leaks. And let’s not forget over spray from the use of the toilet…  All that creates a warm, dark, damp environment for decay fungi to grow. The mold can weaken the sub-floor. More importantly, it can cause respiratory problems. International Building Code eliminates the use of carpet in bathrooms of commercial buildings.

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